Top 2 Architecture Trends for 2019

Each year brings new trends for modern architecture. If its something you value, bing in the know can make all the difference. Here are this years 6 most prominent trends in Architecture:

  1. SUSTAINABILITY – Designing for sustainability isn’t anything new on the architecture scene, but the solutions architects are using are so 2019. Sustainability isn’t just about using energy-rated appliances and a few solar panels, but really considering the impact building has on the environment. With that in mind, more designers are turning to locally sourced, sustainable building materials to get started. Sustainability is being built right into the walls with more efficient fixtures and even indoor green spaces. You might not even know that your architect is a stickler for sustainability because great designers simply make it a seamless part of your build.
  2. SMALL SPACE LIVING – Small spaces continue to be a growing trend in 2019—including tiny cabinspetite prefabs, and breathtaking airstream transformations. Minimalism and tiny living can be great solutions for anyone trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, or for those that simply don’t have an abundance of space to work with. Small space living proves that no matter how much space you have (or don’t have), there’s always room for good design.